How to Keep Your House Smelling Good With Pets

Maintaining a thoroughly clean home whilst owning household pets can be quite a difficult task. Dealing with odors is merely a part of the gig for pet owners. And even though you might really like your furry friend like a member of the family, you most likely are not fond of the way it tends to make your home smell. The challenging part is that, the stench can often be difficult to pick up on when you are dwelling in the house day in and day out. It is as if your nose gets immune. In other cases, however, it is really clear that your house is being overcome by the odor of your pet.. Even though it usually is difficult to get rid of pet-related odors, it is totally possible to keep your house smelling good with pets.

Below you will discover a couple of tips on how to help get rid of the upsetting pet odors in your house.


Your pet usually spends the majority of its time on the floor. It is a big part in your home, so ensuring that is stays clean is going to be critical for keeping the wet pet smell away.

Pet smell within the carpets and rugs can often be difficult to eliminate over time. That is why we would recommend getting rid of the carpet for hardwood flooring or tile. We recognize that this is certainly not a cheap renovation and is not a choice for apartment renters. So below are some ways to help keep your carpet smelling clean.

1. Vacuum Clean at Least Once a Week

Your carpets store a tremendous quantity of hair, dust and dander, so you will need to vacuum each and every square inch of carpet in your house, including any area rugs (essentially, you will want to be making use of short pile, pet friendly carpets that are super easy to vacuum).

Even though pretty much any vacuum cleaner can help collect many of the pungent things hiding inside your carpets and rugs, you might want to consider getting a vacuum cleaner specifically made for housekeepers. We evaluated some of the finest ones some time back, so make sure you have a look at our suggestions for most effective pet vacuums should you be wanting to buy a new model.

Constantly empty the canister (if there are any) right after vacuum-cleaning your house and be certain to change or clean out the air filters regularly to help keep it functioning at peak efficiency.

2. Steam clean all of the carpets and rugs in your house.

After you have eliminated all of the dry material out of your carpets, you will certainly want to use a steam cleaner to get rid of any odours that has become trapped in the carpet’s material.

Certainly, you can just obtain the services of one of the numerous carpet-cleaning expert services if you would rather; just be certain that they use pet-friendly chemicals before commencing.

You will need to leave your pet in the garage or perhaps the yard throughout the carpet-cleaning procedure, and ensure that the carpets are totally dry before letting your pet back inside.

Keep an eye on pets that like to mark their terrain during this time period, for the reason that alternation in carpet smell can induce some to tinkle.

3. Deodorize Your Carpet Naturally

Neglect the harmful carpet deodorizers, merely sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before vacuum-cleaning. Baking soda will absorb any smells lurking inside the carpet fibers.

Note: test a compact concealed spot on your carpet prior to doing all of your house, just in case.

A lot of the commercial deodorizers consist of harsh chemical substances that could cause harm to your pet. Consider this, your pet is walking on your carpets and rugs barefoot the entire day. And whenever he licks his paws, he could be taking in whatever is on the floor.

4. Mop Tiles and Wooden Floors

For anyone who is fortunate enough to have tile or wooden floor, then it is as simple as sweeping or vacuuming up the debris and pet hair. You should then follow up with a mop and a suitable cleaner.

Ensure that you sweep carefully so you do not just end up throwing these things up in the air, where they will spread to other parts of your house. Rather, make an effort to sweep gently, and transport them to the trash can using a dustpan as often as probable.

It is also recommended that you place a paper towel or sheet of newspaper over the dirt as soon as you dispose of it in to the trash can – it will stop the particles from blowing out from the trash can.

As soon as you have swept every thing, return back and mop all the hard floors to get rid of the the dust and dirt you skipped while sweeping


Quality of air need to be a highly regarded concern not just for the odor but also for you and your pet’s overall health.

5. Open the Windows

Even though it is not a quick fix, airing your house will help to decrease pet-related odors. It could be challenging (and costly) to make this happen during summer time or winter, so you might want to do your home cleaning as soon as the climate is moderate.

Begin with opening up every screened windowpane in your house, and also any doors that you can. Switch on all your fans as well as the fan in your house’s main unit too (turn the Air conditioning or heat off – only use the fan). Should you be lucky enough to have an attic fan, make sure you turn that on also.

Maintain your pet’s well being in mind when airing out your house – you do not want to look down to see Jojo running out the front door. You will probably find a pet gate useful in this case

6. Furnace Filters

Changing the filters inside your furnace is very important to help keep the atmosphere within your house clean. Filters are graded by using a MERV number and it is advised to get at the very least a MERV rating of 8 or higher.

7. Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier is undoubtedly an incredible device that can eliminate pet odors in virtually any room in your home. All that you need to do is set the device in a place, switch it on, and allow it to get the job done.

What an air purifier does is that it pulls air in to the machine, filters the odor particles, and pushes clean air back into the space. It’s actually great for you to keep your house smelling refreshing all the time without needing to put in any actual physical labour.

Furthermore, air purifiers also help to eliminate air-borne pet dander and hair. So, this one simple gadget not only freshens your home it also helps to keep it clean too.

8. Add Pet Safe Indoor Air Purifying Plants to Your House

Introducing plants and flowers to your house is a superb choice for preserving the air in your home fresh and healthy.

Plants get rid of toxic compounds from some of these compounds include substances like formaldehyde (found in rugs, vinyl, cigarettes and grocery bags), benzene and trichloroethylene (each present in man made fibres, ink, solvents and paint).

Some very nice plant choices include things like: English Ivy, Bamboo Palm, Natural Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Spider Plant,. Ensure that you keep your pet from the plants, as many might be poisonous.

Household furniture and BELONGINGS

In case you let your pet on your household furniture, then you’ll need to take into account trying to keep those places thoroughly clean as well.

9. Cover Your Furnishings with Covers

This is a great way to keep your house smelling good with pets despite the fact that cannot (or simply do not want to) keep your pet away from the furniture

Buy furniture covers.

These covers generally feature a water-resistant covering or layer and are generally machine-washable.

You’ll be able to clean furniture covers once weekly to help lessen pet odors in your living room area while safeguarding your furniture from deterioration.

10. Wash Your Dog’s Items

A lot of people simply fail to remember to clean their pet’s playthings, blankets, bedding, and leashes, however, these items are notorious for holding pet odors.

Select one day of the week and then make it your cleaning day for your pet’s items.

Also, take into consideration rotating our their toys. Place the dry and clean toys away, and replace them with stored toys.

As time passes, a toy could get so condensed with pet odors that it probably won’t come out. Hence, by rotating these items, you’ll be able to extend their life by keeping smells away from them for extended stretches of time.

11. Wash your pet’s bed.

Your pet’s bed is likely to be the smelliest item in your whole house (besides, needless to say, your furry little friend himself), since your pet is continually coating it in hair, dander, saliva, and pee.

Most great pet beds are machine-washable, so you will simply need to remove the cover and run it through the washer (some may be machine dried but others need to be air dried).

With luck, the core of the pet’s bed is without any stains or odors. Or else, you will need to either wash the core (should the producer’s information and facts state that this is certainly suitable) or change it completely.

After you have washed the cover and set the bed together again, you really should take into consideration the treatment of the cover using a stain repellant. This tends to ensure that it stays cleaner and smelling much better moving forward.

12. Get rid of that old collar

Your pet wears its collar 24/7, it is going to at some point stink. I would recommend washing it whenever you give your pet a shower. Most collars can be tossed in the washer also, include it with some towels or their bedding.

In the long run, the odor is certain to get so deep into the fabric that they are prone to never absolutely come out.

The smell trapped in your pet’s collar could also move to the furnishings, area rugs, and carpets.

So, in case you have not changed your pet’s scruff of the neck in a while or simply want a more sensible choice, purchase a new collar that has odor-resistant fabric.


Ensure that your pet has good health and doesn’t have a health-related reason for smelling awful. A pet with allergies, infection or any other skin problems may give off a bad smell. Take your pet to the veterinarian if you think it has a medical issue that’s causing it to smell terrible.

13. Refresh Your Pet with Water-less Shampoo

Let’s face it, giving your pet a shower weekly is just not realistic for many individuals.

Even though it is among the ideal ways to keep pet odor out of your house.

The good news is, a waterless shampoo exists to assist you obtain several of the benefits associated with a pet bath without the need of going through all the hard work. Utilizing a waterless shampoo together with grooming wipes between baths can certainly help refresh your pet’s coat and eliminate odors. Just don’t use an excessive amount of it or too frequently or problems can happen.

14. Towel Your Pet Completely Dry

If you are bold enough to wash your pet every week (or perhaps once a month) it is advisable to totally dry your pet off before you let it run free.

Even with a good bath, wet pet odor can leave a trail.

So, take a couple of minutes to towel off your pet or make use of a blow dryer to help make the work faster (and much easier).

15. Clean Your Pet’s Ears and Paws

Yeast can accumulate in your pet’s ears and paws, this yeast could potentially cause your pet to smell like corn chips.

In order to avoid this, consistently cleaning their paws and ears can help to eliminate the smell.

Furthermore, it can also help make your dog much healthier and less susceptible to infections.

Perfume your house if everything else fails.

You will by no means totally obscure severe pet odors with perfumed or odor-neutralizing sprays, but they are often very beneficial for fighting small smells and assisting to keep your house smelling refreshing in between top-to-bottom cleanings.

It’s also possible to use these kinds of sprays to provide your house an instant spritz before company comes over.

Just ensure that you choose a spray that’s safe for usage around pets, and it is definitely a smart idea to put your pet outside briefly, while the spray settles out from the air.

Potpourri baskets, scented candles, and other alike items may also be useful, just keep them in places your pet cannot reach.

What Can Help to Keep my House Smelling Good?

For anyone wanting to know how to keep your house smelling good with pets with easy-to-find household items, vinegar is a superb natural cleaner.

It possesses a somewhat stronger smell on it’s own however it has a tendency to fade after a couple of hours after use. Apply it on solid surface types and spray lightly on fabrics.

Additionally you can add a little vinegar to your laundry to help you subdue pet odors on your apparel.

Will a diffuser make my house smell good?

Essential Oil diffusers will make your house smell good. They are very useful in deodorizing your house. Diffusers are also better than candles because they don’t give off soot or ash

Will a dehumidifier make my house smell better?

A dehumidifier helps to remove the excess moisture and humidity in your house. This will greatly help in making your house smell better because it will get rid of any musty smell in your house.

Will vinegar make my house smell good?

Vinegar is a great solution for making your house smell good. Just leave a bowl of white vinegar out overnight. The vinegar will absorb any bad odor. Do not worry about the vinegar smell that will remain, it will disappear before you know it.

Have you formulated any cool techniques to help keep your house smelling good with pets? Perhaps you have discovered commercial odor-neutralizing items to generally be the ultimate way to handle odors? We would like to read about them in the comments below!

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How to Keep Your House Smelling Good With Pets  
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